Top Universities in Canada

If you are planning to study in Canada, the following are the Universities which are ranked among the top according to QS World rankings 2018. As per these rankings, four Canadian Universities are among the top 100 and nine others ranked in top 300 in the global ranking of the Universities.

Following are the globally renowned Universities in Canada-

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has over 90,000 students in its campuses in Toronto. It is famous for its research innovations and studies. In the 2018 rankings, this university has ranked the best in Canada and is placed at 31 worldwide.

Gill University

This university has around 40,000 students and out of which, 25% are international students. The University is at Montreal and has a list of several scholars and Noble Prize winners who have graduated from Mc. Grill University. The university is well renowned all over the world and has been providing quality education since 1821. Mc. Grill Faculty of Management has graduate and postgraduate levels of management courses available.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia has ranked at the third position in rankings in Canada and 51 in the world. This university has a huge number of international students from around 162 countries which shows its world-class education system. It offers all the popular courses such as MBA, Engineering, and Medical Sciences.

University of Alberta

It is ranked at fourth in Canada and is considered one of the best for Management as well as science courses. The University of Alberta is ranked at 90 in the world and was founded in 1908. It is situated at Edmonton and is a favorite among the international students as their number keeps on increasing with every passing year. The university has around 40,000 students from 145 countries annually.

University de Montreal

This Canadian University is renowned for its research studies and management courses and thus attracts thousands of international students from different parts of the globe. University de Montreal ranks at 130 in 2018 world ranking. This university has excellent premises and faculty giving it an edge over other universities in Canada. It is also ranked as the top Francophone university in Canada and is among the top ten employers in Montreal

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