Ways to score high in IELTS Reading?

Read the tasks carefully

Score High in IELTS Reading – When you are attempting the IELTS Reading section, in matching the task, it is required to look at the options properly and check all the possible matches.  It is advisable to match the most appropriate answers.

In case of fill in the gaps task, you must choose the correct answer carefully. Else, you will lose some marks here.

Scan while Reading

It is important to scan while attempting the IELTS Reading task wherein the passage, each and every word is important when you are answering the questions. Make sure that you do not skip any portion of the text and understand the flow well. You can practice some IELTS Reading mock tests

You should find out the basic concept behind each paragraph. Also, analyse the important words, figures and diagrams to write the correct answer.

Practice Reading Tests

It is advisable to practice some IELTS reading tests as you can improve your speed and accuracy by attempting IELTS reading sample test. This will help you understand the flow of content. Also, you can start reading any novel, magazine or some interesting text from any source on a daily basis to improvise on your reading skills.

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