How to score better in IELTS Writing

Students appearing for the IELTS exam face the greatest challenge in the writing section. Most IELTS coaching centers simply focus on the regular practice of writing section. This, however, is insufficient as the focus for writing should be more on the basics. Improvement in the writing section depends on the criteria discussed below:

  • Task achievement and uniqueness of content:

Every student can write basic content which fulfills the basic requirement of the task. The focus rather should be to write content, delve deep into the topic and elaborate with arguments which are different from others. The arguments need to be cohesive and need to form a complete picture to resolve a debate. Understanding the question properly and breaking it down into its logical components is what we try to teach during IELTS training.

  • Vocabulary and grammar:

Variety of vocabulary and not repeating words is very important within IELTS writing. Grammar has to perfect without any errors and also complex sentence structures need to be used. Adequately placing the right words in the right positions is very important to achieve higher scores.

  • Writing structure:

The proper structure needs to be followed according to the type and category of the essay. Following proper structure and paragraphing leads to good impression and better IELTS scores.

IELTS writing is marked out of 9 Bands, but it is usually not probable to get scores above 7.5. High scores are rare as IELTS expects a lot of perfection in order to give higher scores. It needs to be understood that IELTS writing is highly competitive and scores are based on more of a percentile like an approach. Comparisons are made on the basis of how the student ranks up against all the other essays written on a certain test day. At Academy of British English, our focus is on the overall development of formal writing skills of the student and we focus on making their style and approach more academic oriented. This helps to achieve higher scores in the IELTS exam.

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