IELTS Writing Strategies

In order to score high, you need to follow certain IELTS Writing strategies to attempt the tasks given efficiently in the exam. You can practice some IELTS writing sample tests which will help you in understanding the format and type of tasks.

 Analyse before Writing

The IELTS writing task 1 consists of a bar chart in which you need to study the x axis and y axis for writing the required description and answering according to the figures given. For task 2, you need to understand the topic for writing an essay on it. It is advisable to practice these tasks by attempting IELTS writing sample papers before going for the exam.

Describe the main points

While IELTS writing task 1 or task 2, you need to focus on the main points. When you are answering the questions based on graphs or bar chart,then you need to mention the important things related to it.

Compare and Structure the information

You will be required to analyse and compare the numbers mentioned in graphs and bar charts and then write the answer based on that data. In case of paragraph writing also, you should be able to cover the key areas related to the topic

Review after Completion

When you are writing an essay in task 2, you need to express your ideas and opinions using good vocabulary and avoiding any grammatical error.

These IELTS Writing strategies will help you to evaluate your performance and then work accordingly.

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