ielts speaking – Here in this section, you will be given specific IELTS speaking topics to speak upon. The way you speak in front of the interviewer, determines your bands in IELTS exam

IELTS Test Duration: 12-15 minutes

IELTS Speaking Test Assesses:

Your Communication skills and knowledge on everyday topics.

The way you speak at length on a given topic without any grammatical errors

How do you organise your ideas in a proper flow

The way you express and justify your perspective

You should be able to analyse the way you express and present your ideas on the given topic in an effective manner.

IELTS Speaking Academic and IELTS Speaking General is the same.

Criteria for Assessment

Fluency and Coherence

Range of Vocabulary

Grammatical Range


Points to Remember

You will talk to a certified examiner.

The test will be recorded.

Relax and talk fluently and naturally.

IELTS Speaking – IELTS Exam pattern includes the test of Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing sections to obtain the overall score.

IELTS Speaking Test Format

Speaking Test consists of certain speaking topics on the basis of which IELTS score is evaluated.

The examiner will introduce himself or herself and ask you to introduce yourself and confirm your identity.

The examiner will give you a task card which asks you to talk about a particular topic, and mentions points to be included.

you will be given one minute to prepare and make notes and then will be required to talk for 1-2 minutes without any interruptions.

Then, examiner will ask few questions on the specified topic

The examiner will ask you further questions which are connected to the earlier topic, These questions will give you an opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas.

You need to practice  Speaking sample papers to know the type of tasks which are there in the test.  There are few tasks where the interviewer examines the level of fluency, vocabulary, grammar and the ideas of the candidate who is given a topic to speak upon. It is better to practice some commonly asked topics in the Speaking test before appearing in the exam.

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