5 Common mistakes which people make in IELTS Speaking Task

 IELTS Speaking Task – Lack of Fluency- People are not that fluent while speaking in the IELTS Exam as they tend to hesitate when are at a loss for words. Sometimes, the topic given is not of candidate’s interest and thereby people are not able to speak fluently as ideas don’t come to their mind. Hence, you should attempt some Speaking tasks to know the pattern and common topics and questions asked.

 Poor Pronunciation- People often are not able to pronounce certain words correctly which give a negative impression to the interview. Thus candidates lose marks in the speaking section. Therefore, it is suggested to practice for a while before appearing for the exam. You should enhance your vocabulary. It is even better if you start watching English news or movies as it will help you overcome this weakness.

 Grammatical Errors- The main reason to score less in speaking is grammatical errors. Candidates become nervous while speaking in front of the interviewer and therefore they make grammatical mistakes. It is suggested to practice some sample IELTS Speaking tests before appearing for IELTS Exam

 Lack of Spontaneity- While answering the questions asked by the interviewer, candidates are not able to express their ideas and opinions properly. Hence, you should practice speaking on certain topics and check whether you are able to speak in a natural way or not.

 Giving memorized answers- Sometimes, it looks as if a person has memorized certain topics and while answering it comes out in such way where the interviewer is not at all convinced. While practicing exercises for IELTS speaking, you should keep in mind that it is better to take ideas rather than memorizing everything.

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