IELTS Reading Format

Duration of the IELTS Reading test: 60 minutes

Type of Questions

Fill in the blanks in a passage

Match the headings and Complete Sentences

Multiple Choice Questions

Short answers to Open questions

Read  the entire passage once for basic understanding

Observe the main information in the entire passage

Analyze the important areas of the passage

Understand the points which are relevant to the given questions

You should be able to understand  a writer’s perspective and the concept behind the passage

Check the overall development of the passage

Write your answers directly on the answer sheet.

Read quickly and efficiently, and manage your time.

Expect to read approximately 2150-2750 words during your test.

IELTS Academic Reading

IELTS General Reading

The test will have three sections ,each with one long text

The content is taken from books, journal, magazines and newspaper

The text might be accompanied by diagram, graphs or illustrations .

The text range from the descriptive and factual to the discursive and analytical.

A simple Glossary will be provided if a material contains technical  terms.

The test will have three to four sections

The texts are taken from newspapers, advertisements, official documents etc.

There are two or three short factual texts relevant to everyday life

It has two shorts factual texts focused on work-related issue e.g. a job application

There is one longer, more complex text based on a topic of general interest.

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