IELTS Mock Tests

 IELTS Mock Tests – You should follow certain steps to prepare for IELTS. In order to prepare effectively for IELTS Mock tests exam, you need to plan a strategy which will help you to score well in the Exam.

Understand the Test Format

You need to know the IELTS test pattern of all the four sections: Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening to the exam. Each section has the different type of tasks which require some practice through IELTS mock tests.  You need to know what type of questions are asked in IELTS Academic Writing as the questions here are based on graphs, pie- charts, and diagrams. This section requires more practice as compared to the other three sections.

Practice the IELTS Mock test papers

You should practice some mock tests as that will help you analyze different tasks of various sections where some practice is required. You need to attempt the mock tests and evaluate yourself on a regular basis. This will help the students to go for a right approach while IELTS Exam preparation. It is advisable to practice the sample questions of IELTS listening as the recording is played only once which is of foreign accent and thus the candidate can get confused while answering.

Join an IELTS Preparation Course

For better IELTS preparation, you can join an IELTS Coaching center where you will get all the study visa guidance along with the classes provided by the British Council certified trainers. You can join Academy of British English which is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Delhi as it also provides the appropriate IELTS study material and exercises of different tasks asked in the IELTS exam

Attempt sample questions from different sections

You should go for self-assessment and decide which section is difficult for you and for which do you require more practice. If your English is weak, then it is important to practice IELTS speaking tasks as it is held in front of the examiner who evaluates your speaking skills on the basis of fluency, pronunciation, grammar and the content. In case, you want to improve your IELTS Writing score then you should practice the IELTS writing sample test where the content is based on graphs, pie-diagrams, and the factual text. Here, you should also practice writing an essay on the topics which are commonly asked.


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