IELTS Listening

IELTS Listening consists of 40 questions divided in four sections. Each section has a different type of conversation based on which a variety of questions are asked. The duration of this test is 30 minutes. Each correct answer receives one mark, scores out of 40 are converted to the IELTS 9 band scale.

IELTS Listening  Format

Type of Questions:

  • Multiple Choice Questions, Matching
  • Summary completion, Form completion, table completion
  • Label a plan, map or diagram
  • Complete a flowchart or table, short questions & answers
  • Listening preparation includes study material, IELTS online sample test, mock exam, and practice exercises to analyze a candidate’s performance.

The IELTS Listening assesses:

  • Your understanding of main ideas and specific factual information
  • The ability to recognize the opinions, attitude, and purpose of the speaker.
  • How do you follow the structure of the content?
  • How well you are listening as you may hear a variety of accents such as Australian, British, New Zealand or North American.
  • The passage that you hear will increase in difficulty as you go through the test. For listening practice, you are required to attempt online mock test on a regular basis.

The format for IELTS Listening Academic and IELTS Listening General is the same

Format of the IELTS Listening Test:

The IELTS Listening test has four sections.

Section 1 consists of a general conversation between two people based on a social context.

In section 2, you will listen to a monologue set in a day to day situation.

Section 3 includes a conversation among three to four people, set in an education or training context.

Section 4 also has a monologue on an academic subject.

Procedure of the Test

Listen to the instructions and a sample question carefully.

Read the questions.

Listen to the Section ( Each Section is played only once).

Then, answer the questions.

You need to pay attention while listening to a variety of voices and native speakers accents are used.

In order to score high in Listening, you need to practice sample test for improving your score. At ABE, there is a certified faculty for providing the practice exercises for evaluating the level of the candidate after few sessions.

You need to practice some IELTS listening sample papers to understand the type of tasks asked in the test. There are few IELTS listening tasks which you have to practice before appearing for the exam as that will help you understand the flow of the content and accent spoken in the recording played during the test.

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